Elite Zone Academy
Elite Zone Academy was founded in 2012 and is one of the largest and best academies in YGO . in the academy you can compete and duel with other players from different countries from all the world. You can duel
with us in various activities offered by the academy where you can join a suite of fencing dorms and competition
Official Tournaments

An official tournament is organized within the Academy among members for fun and win prizes and duel points and Coins and you can participate in them whenever you like. The main objective of these tournaments is to develop your skills as a duelist.

Battle Arena

It is a place where you can compete with other members in a single and three rounds duel to get valuable prizes and raise your assessment within the Academy, including three types are single Arena and the Shadow Arena and the tag Arena.

Duelist Kingdom

This is the place where you can practice and show your deck to the members to help you to strengthen your deck. You can also buy what you need from the Academy stores of deck for play, signatures , personal photos and many other things.

Beginners Guide

It is a topic for new members who have registered at the Academy and want to communicate with the other members and fencing with them and do not know where to start with a set of important topics to be seen and you can read from here.

Academy Rules

Any place to become organized and useful needs some rules governing the interaction between its members and how to respect each other and that has been the work of some laws that regulate the Academy and do not reduce your enjoyment of the game.

Academy Rules

Duel Points
Fencing points are among the most important things within an academy where you can move inside the pavilions. You can also duel them in shadow duel

Duel Type Duel Points Coins
Battle Arena Single 10 10
Battle Arena Match 20 20
Tournaments First 3 Places
8 Duelist Tournament 100, 50, 25 100, 50 , 25
16 Duelist Tournament 250, 150, 100 250, 150 , 100
Live Tournament 50, 25, 15 50 , 25, 15
Yubel's Nightmare 20 20
The Legendary Roll 50 50
------ --- ---
----- -----------------------
soon!! SOON !! SOON!!
Academy Dorms

The Academy's Dorms are divided into four Dorms : the Slifer, the Yellow Ra, the Obelisk and the Exodia. You can join one of these Dorms by getting the requirements of each dorm and you can meet the requirements of the table
number of Tournaments/Arena duels Duel Points Skill Points Number Of Tournaments/Arena Duels
Slifer 20 Posts
Ra 300 150 One Tournament or 20 Arena
Oblisk 800 400 Two Tournaments or 30 Arena
Exodia 2000 1000 Three Tournaments or 50 Areba

Slifer Red

Dorm Of Legends

Ra Yellow

Dorm Of Potential

Obelisk Blue

Dorm Of Motivation

Exodia Elite

Dorm Of Professionalism

We summon a bunch of monsters each turn
If you can handle this join us
If NOT go outside and do something else in real life