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PostZeXaL on Tue Dec 15, 2015 12:54 pm

Hello all
This stunning has just distracted my attention while browsing Yu-Gi-Oh! Forums on google.
But regrettably, the forum is inactive and it looks like it immigrated long time ago.
Anyway, I'm here to help this forum get active again.
I hope that I could the academy from it's owner. 
I will try to buy it using my "PayPal card" or I can get it free. 
And now I will give you a small introduction about my self : 
N-Name : ZeXaL.
R-Name : Moath Al-Masri.
Age : Almost 18.
Country : United Kingdom.
City : London , Near ravenscourt park 
Tongue Country : Kuwait. 

My Fav. Deck is : Dark World.  Even it's old I still like the play style.
I'm using YGOPro to duel.
At last, I'm glad to say that I would make some topics here in order to make the forum active again even without being an admin.
And those topic will be summarized as follows : 
1st : Deck Guides.
2nd : Making a You-Tube Channel  and then uploading awesome videos which is concerning to YGO, 
3rd : I will invite members to join this academy. 

Yours Faithfully.
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