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PostNeOs on Sun Jul 06, 2014 3:08 am

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Welcome to all members and visitors of Elite Zone
This topic is your comprehensive guide to the laws of the Academy and your first reference in
If you have any questions or concerns . to make the laws simple, it has been done
: Divide by index as follows

Forum Rules 
It is strictly forbidden to insult any member of the forum because the first and the last purpose of this forum is having fun with other people.
You should show respect to these members and treat them as you would like them to treat you
Any person who insults any member of the forum risks himself to ban his account for a certain period or final from the forum
Please do not start publishing various topics before reading the laws of the sections. there are sections that only a certain groups are allowed  to publish such as: 
The tournaments are the only ones who organize the tournaments.
Please do not add topics in other sections and abide by each section
We do not seek to restrict your freedom within the Academy but we have to put in place some laws to ensure organization and ensure that you spend your time in an organized environment.

Dorms and Groups

 : Groups in the academy Are 

Founder - Managers - Moderators - Tournament Organizers - War Adjudicator - Store Manager - Translators - the 4 Dorms Groups
The advantage of joining a duel wing of course is to belong to a part of the academy and there are championships held on the level of wings only
To join a group such as managers and supervisors you have to show some perseverance and competition and also commit and ask the 
administration to be associated with one of these groups

Admins work
- Supervision of the Academy in general
- The administration panel in everything

War Adjudicators Work
- Supervising wars and teams and applying laws to them
- Monitoring wars and monitoring the results.

Requirements for War Adjudicators:

- Know the laws of establishing teams
- knowledge of the laws of wars of all kinds know full.

Mods Work

- Maintain order among members
- The work of some topics that can be managed and supervisors only started like Daily Coins reward - The legendary roll - Exodia roll
- Apply the rules of the Forum strictly
- Delivering the winning tournaments
- Amend the members' data according to the request of the member or by the penalty of the member
- Delete all outgoing and random replies
- The imposition of punishment on dissenting members
- Broadcast on other topics such as a complaint against a member.

Mods Requirements
- Experience in sections
- The presence of activity in the sections
- Their knowledge of the rules.

Any complaint against supervisors shall be brought to the management directly for the necessary action
Tournament organizers Work

- Ideas of competitions and organization
- Setting the tournament schedule
- Exclusion of exceeding the time limit for playing
- Live competitions are quick tournaments organized and held the same day on the discord on the Academy Server
- Publication of the subject with prizes and winners until the awards are handed over

Organizers Requirements
- Having previous experience in organizing with a directory whether with accounts on Challonge or links to previously organized sites.

Rules Can be changed from Time to time 

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PostTéa on Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:38 pm

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